At ELN Academy, we aim to provide students with the ability to "understand multi-ethnicity and multiculturalism overseas, accept the ideas of people of different cultures and races from Japanese, and express their own opinions.
At ELN Academy, with multinational instuructors and Japanese instructors since our opening, we have been providing a diversity classroom to produce true global leaders and foster a base of negotiation skill.
The educational philosophy and passion for children that has been nurtured by teachers from more than 10 countries has been passed down to the current foreign and Japanese teachers, and they carry out educational activities on a daily basis.

When I was working for a company, I went abroad for work for the first time, and I was shocked by what I saw there.
I had never felt anything like it before, where people of many different nationalities mixed together in front of me, and multiple languages were spoken as a matter of course. The trend of internationalization is already here, and children of the future may have to acquire "global skills" that far exceed the imagination of adults.
Important things in this context, meals and events "to appreciate diversity" that they learn by meeting and spending time with foreign teachers, and "English skills" that allow them to communicate ideas to multinational people and listen to different opinions.

Since 2008, ELN Academy has been working with multinational foreign and Japanese instructors who share our belief in producing "global leaders" to nurture the "power" that is the starting point of children's "talent".
[Qualifications, etc.]
Junior high school English education license, passed the Ministry of Finance Customs Customs Examination, passed the trade practice test quasi-A grade

Nice to meet you, my name is Shuhei Okitsu.
My hobbies are the outdoor activities and playing soccer. My specialty is IT.
"Planning an idea that can offer children the potential of English x IT."

I wasn't familiar with Kurashiki area but learning from the staff and children♪

As a leader, I'd like to maintain the educational environment that former academy chief and staff had built with the local community, and hope that make them happy when they come to the classroom
Thank you for your cooperation.

[In charge] Classroom management, annual schedule management, liaise with parents

I'm also in charge of supporting the internationalization of regional educational institutions and companies.

・ Lectureing business English and international marketing for technical schools
(Japan IT Business College, Okayama Business College)

・ For enterprise Italy-France online seminar
(Tamashima Shinkin Bank)

Hello, I'm Koichi Takano. Since the opening of the academy, I have been in charge of picking up the children, cleaning the classrooms, and teaching homework.

I have been working for 10 years without any accidents or violations, and my first priority is the safety of the children.
I will continue to take responsibility for the children's journey from school to the academy, homework guidance at the academy, and so on.
I would like to continue to be responsible for the children's smiles.

Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting our website.
I'm Mikiko Wakabayashi, a childcare staff member of the Academy.
With 10 years of experience in after-school care, I would like to watch over childrens' growth

We create an environment with children where children can spend time in a lively, cheerful and enjoyable way.
Thank you.

Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting our website.
I'm Nana Tachikawa, a childcare staff member of the Academy.
Traveled to 13 European countries as a backpacker in a year when I was in my twenties and had an irreplaceable experience.
I am currently raising my daughter in fourth grade and my two-year-old son, enjoying little music activity as a hobby on weekends.

I want the acadmy to be a place where children can have a good time from the perspective of fathers and mothers.
I would be happy if I could help childlren make a lot of after-school memories at ELN academy.

 Hello, Everyone!This is Rutuja Borhade, my friends and collegues in Japan call me Ru. I come from a country which has a diverse culture and rich heritage; delivious foods and beautiful people  india. Currently, I'm a third year student at Okayama University and also run a Yoga Circle.
I have been teaching English for more than two years now. I like to spend time with kids, share my knowledge with them and watch them grow. Teaching is fun and sumetimes to be around kids is also calming.
I hope to see many of you at our ELN Academy to learn English and have fun!!

 Hello everyone! My name is Shrestha Deepika and I'm from Nepal.
My hobbie is to watch movies and vlogs on youtube. In free time I like to read novles and chatting with my friends. Let's learn English together.

 Hello everyone! My name is Pham Thao Nguyen but you can call me Hana for easier. I come from a beautiful & friendly country called Vietnam. It has been 3 years since I came to Japan. This is the first time I work as a teacher but I'm so excited to bring my energy & passion with English to kids. I'm looking foward to meet you, my student's and hopefully we will have unforgetable time together. Let's enjoy English.