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ELN's Teaching & Consulting We have helped companies for overseas business development with the philosophy of "To enrich the lives of people around the world and make them smile with the power of teaching tarade, supporting, and expanding ."
That is why I would like to convey to the local people the ideas and skills required for "true global human resources."

"Courage to speak" will "expand your dreams"
In a multinational diversity classroom
I want to develop a base of negotiation skill, not an English elite

We will continue international educational activities in the region without forgetting the thoughts of successive faculty and staff who sympathized and walked together for the future of the companies that ELN is involved in and will continue to take on challenges in the future,


company name


Corporate number


Headquarters location

〒710-0063 1-5-3 Hinodecho, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture Kurashiki Education and Liveral Arts Center




Representative Director Hiroko Kinoshita


Incorporated in Novermber 2015(opened as Eco-Logi Network in 2008)

Business summary

Developed a wide range of businesses such as domestic, import/export and trilateral trading, prmotion in the fields of trade and customs education services and textiles, machinery, chemicals, food, living, and information.

number of employees 

11 people(as of 2021)

Main banks

Tamashima Shinkin Bank, Tomato Bank

Overseas offices

Singapore and France



August 2008 

"Kurashiki Venture Office Move-in" after being selected by Mayor Kaori Ito of Kurashiki City

Trade education business start

November 2009

Received the "Encouragement Award" in the venture business contest sponsored by the Okayama Prefectural Industrial Promotion Foundation

August 2011

Certified by the JAPAN TARIFF ASSOCIATION, "Customs Clearance Mock Test" started as a venue in Kurashiki

October 2011

Representative Hiroko Kinoshita received "Excellent Lecturer Award in Customs and Trade Category" at Human Academy Co., Ltd.

September 2011

Received "Excellence Award" at the 4th Business Contest of Shinkin Joint Business Exchange Meeting

November 2011 

Received "Excellence Award" at Okayama IT Management Award

January 2012

Tamashima Shinkin Bank's regional promotion support system "Dream Kick-off" has adopted a new project "English School Children's Childcare Project" and receives subsidies

 Achievements of entrepreneurship seminars from founding to the present

Kurashiki City "Women Enterpreneurship Seminar" Panelist Participation

Network NEO "Entrepreneurship Experience Story"

Okayama Prefectural Industrial Promotion Foundation "Entrepreneurship Experience"

Tsuyama Prefectural Library "Women's Entrepreneurship Seminar"

Kurashiki Sakuyo University "Seminar on employment in the trading industry" etc.

Business seminar results from founding to the present

Takamatsu Tax Department "Trade Practical Training" for inspectors

Kurashiki City "International Economic Seminar"

Kurashiki Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Overseas Market Development Seminar"

JETRO Okayama "Business negotiation skill improvement seminar"

Okayama Prefecture Federation of Commerce and Industry, Ehime Prefecture Chamber of Commerce, Nara Prefecture Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Export Net Business" "Singapore Food Seminar"

Chugoku-Shikoku Agricultural Administration Bureau "Export Seminar"

Kurashiki Fashion Center "Trade Practice / Trade English"

Human Academy "Trade Practice / Customs Clearance" Course

Okayama Business College "Trade Practice" Course

Tamashima Shinkin Bank, Kyoto Shinkin Bank "Export Market Development Seminar"

Chugoku Bank, Tomato Bank, "Taiwan Business Talk Seminar", etc.